Gran Tour

A trip which allows us to see why Gran Canaria is called a continent in miniature. It starts early in the morning (but not at four a.m. – thus you will have time to eat breakfast), and the means of […]


Palmitos Park

Park is a unique attraction which, unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to see. I hope that once I get back to Gran Canaria and I will compensate myself for this lack and see it on my own. Palmitos Park […]

dunas de maspalomas

Dunas de Maspalomas

Dunas de Maspalomas occupy a length of about 6 km and a width of about 2 km . The top height of the dunes is 10 – 20 m. They were formed by the ocean water brought by wind and […]


Underwater sightseeing

I did plan to dive at all, though I will not say that I did not want to. The travel agency stated the price of 75 EUR and it seemed to me that this was a bit too much. We […]


Puerto de Mogan

It is a picturesque port town, surrounded by mountains, where I was only able to eat dinner in a dockside tavern. The historic tenement houses, lack of high hotels, and very climatic restaurants and cafes around the marina – all […]




One of the most important monuments of Teror is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pine built in 1767, which should be visited especially by those of you who are Christian. It is located in the Plaza del Pino.
In addition to its sacred value Teror is a very charming town.

Original Canarian balconies are the pride of the local tenement houses.

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Gran Canaria photos


See the photos of Gran Canaria. I hope you like it.

Other tours

In addition to the above attractions, the island offers us a few other sightseeing opportunities. Unfortunately I can not comment on any of them, simply because I did not take advantage of them.

It is the tour on which you will travel across the wildest corners of the island by Jeep. Apparently it a great opportunity to make stunning pictures of the island. It probably also includes a camel ride through the dunes and dinner.

Katamaran cruise
The cruise lasts about four hours. We sail along the south-western coast of the island. We admire the rocky cliffs, caves, maybe we will have the opportunity to jump into the water?

Observation of dolphins
Dolphins spend a lot of time playing, that is why it is not difficult to see them frolicking by the southern coast of the island, which attracts them by its calm and well-oxygenated water.
If you want to have a closer look at these beautiful animals, you can take a boat trip that takes about two hours. The vessel has a permit to swim close to those mammals, it also often has a partially glazed bottom.

Archeological tours
History fans will be interested in the history of the island and the tribe of the Guanches, and the moment when Spain has started the conquest of Gran Canaria. On the island there are many burial sites, murals (Galdar), „rock villages” in the caves, etc.
I recommend bringing a guide with you, even if you decide to go on organized tours. It would be perfect if you became familiar with the guide prior to departure.

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