Gran Canaria hides so many attractions that it is impossible to take advantage of all of them in one week only. Another obstacle may be the available funds that we have. Thus, it would be ideal if we analyzed all the possibilities at home at first and then decided what we are going to do on the island, as the locals have a unique gift of persuasion, and the ease that accompanies us on vacation may cause that we will be persuaded to buy or do something of which we do not fully satisfied.


Gran Tour


A trip which allows us to see why Gran Canaria is called a continent in miniature. It starts early in the morning (but not at four a.m. – thus you will have time to eat breakfast), and the means of transport is the bus. Sightseeing is accompanied by a guide who will present a lot of interesting facts about the island, its inhabitants, climate and historical monuments. I do not know whether the Grand Tours organized by various travel agencies have the same route, so I’ll describe it in a nutshell the one in which I took part.

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Palmitos Park


Park is a unique attraction which, unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to see. I hope that once I get back to Gran Canaria and I will compensate myself for this lack and see it on my own.

Palmitos Park is a zoo and a botanical garden, which differs, however, by far from our native zoos. In Palmitos Park you will see colorful, exotic species of birds: parrots, hummingbirds, toucans, flamingos and equally beautiful and colorful species of fish that inhabit the underwater part of our world.


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