Amadores Beach

Between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán you will find Playa de Amadores – the water there has a beautiful color of turquoise and cyanogen, and it fills a man with its unique bliss and euphoria. This beach is the perfect place for a holiday with children, thanks to the gentle slope into the water and a breakwater that protects the beach and specially imported sand of crushed coral from the waves.

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Botanical Garden – Jardin Canario


The botanical garden Jardin Botanico Viera y Clavijo is located 7 km from Las Palmas. It is the largest botanical garden in Spain. Its location – on the slope and in the valley – makes

this place beautiful, especially that the infrastructure of the picturesque garden has been ensured. It was created in 1952, and its creator was a Swede, Eric Sventenius, who decided to gather in one place the entire flora species that represent the Canary Islands.

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One of the most important monuments of Teror is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pine built in 1767, which should be visited especially by those of you who are Christian. It is located in the Plaza del Pino.
In addition to its sacred value Teror is a very charming town.

Original Canarian balconies are the pride of the local tenement houses.

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