Palmitos Park


Park is a unique attraction which, unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to see. I hope that once I get back to Gran Canaria and I will compensate myself for this lack and see it on my own.

Palmitos Park is a zoo and a botanical garden, which differs, however, by far from our native zoos. In Palmitos Park you will see colorful, exotic species of birds: parrots, hummingbirds, toucans, flamingos and equally beautiful and colorful species of fish that inhabit the underwater part of our world.


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Las Palmas

The city is the capital of Gran Canaria. If I had a few more days I would gladly visit Las Palmas. You can choose both  a trip organized, for example, by your travel agent, or explore the city on your own. If you do not want to rent a car, you can go ahead and opt for local communication.

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Tenerife and Loro Park

Travel agencies and local organizers offer their customers a very popular trip to Tenerife and Loro Park, which can also include a visit in the Teide National Park.

I did not took part in those trips. I thought that Tenerife is an island, which will require from me as much attention as Gran Canaria, and perhaps even more, so one day I will simply visit Tenerife itself. Especially that in Tenerife offers an attraction that can not be missed – the Siam Park – if I’m not mistaken it is Europe’s largest water park.

So one day in my opinion, is only a smattering of the island. However, if you know that most likely you will never come back to the Canary Islands, consider this trip.

The price of this all day long trip is about 90 EUR

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