Gran Tour


A trip which allows us to see why Gran Canaria is called a continent in miniature. It starts early in the morning (but not at four a.m. – thus you will have time to eat breakfast), and the means of transport is the bus. Sightseeing is accompanied by a guide who will present a lot of interesting facts about the island, its inhabitants, climate and historical monuments. I do not know whether the Grand Tours organized by various travel agencies have the same route, so I’ll describe it in a nutshell the one in which I took part.

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Palmitos Park


Park is a unique attraction which, unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to see. I hope that once I get back to Gran Canaria and I will compensate myself for this lack and see it on my own.

Palmitos Park is a zoo and a botanical garden, which differs, however, by far from our native zoos. In Palmitos Park you will see colorful, exotic species of birds: parrots, hummingbirds, toucans, flamingos and equally beautiful and colorful species of fish that inhabit the underwater part of our world.


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Dunas de Maspalomas

dunas de maspalomas

Dunas de Maspalomas occupy a length of about 6 km and a width of about 2 km . The top height of the dunes is 10 – 20 m. They were formed by the ocean water brought by wind and sand (no, it does not come from the Sahara Desert). They are a part of a nature reserve which also includes the palm grove Palmeral and the pool la Charca. I saw only the sand dunes. They constitute the sea of golden sand and wandering through it is not easy at all. Yes, yes, despite the fact that the dunes are a part of a reserve you can walk through them, run and ride a camel, I also recommend also rollover. But you must know that climbing and descending these sandy embankments is tiring for our legs, especially since they are drowning in the scalding desert sand.

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