Gran Canaria – climate, location, flight

The decision about spending holidays in Gran Canaria resulted from the fact that I wanted everything at once: both the mountains and the sea, good weather, climate and exoticism, a lot of attractions and all of this for a reasonable price. As it turned out, it was one of the best „holiday” decisions.

Gran Canaria is a place that captivated me and every time I watch the pictures, I would like to go back there as soon as possible.

If you are going there in the near future, or you cannot decide whether you should go there or not, I recommend you to get to know the island a little closer. It would be a pity to fly to the island and miss what it has to offer just because of our ignorance, or even worse, not to go there at all with the conviction that there is nothing to see.



Gran Canaria is the third largest island in the archipelago of the Canary Islands. Although they belong to Spain, geographically it lies a stone’s throw from the north-west coast of Africa. It is no wonder that it is always warm there.


Why is Gran Canaria so special ? Because it is a continent in miniature. The island has a circular shape , and its central part is dominated by amazing mountains of volcanic origin. The result is that the deeper into the inland, the higher, the more oceanic winds mingle with mountain climate, creating so many climate zones, that it seems to us that a few steps take us to a completely different continent. In the coastal zone, especially in the south of the island it is completely dry. The whole green vegetation which grows there, owes its existence only to an incredibly extensive network of sprinklers. If it did not exist there, this part of the island would resemble a desert, and only the ocean would slightly disturb the African landscape.

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Gran Canaria hides so many attractions that it is impossible to take advantage of all of them in one week only. Another obstacle may be the available funds that we have. Thus, it would be ideal if we analyzed all the possibilities at home at first and then decided what we are going to do on the island, as the locals have a unique gift of persuasion, and the ease that accompanies us on vacation may cause that we will be persuaded to buy or do something of which we do not fully satisfied.


Gran Tour


A trip which allows us to see why Gran Canaria is called a continent in miniature. It starts early in the morning (but not at four a.m. – thus you will have time to eat breakfast), and the means of transport is the bus. Sightseeing is accompanied by a guide who will present a lot of interesting facts about the island, its inhabitants, climate and historical monuments. I do not know whether the Grand Tours organized by various travel agencies have the same route, so I’ll describe it in a nutshell the one in which I took part.

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